The Art Of Reconnecting With Clients

Why is reconnecting with clients such a daunting task in the digital age. This is harder in the case of tech touch companies. We have tools that have made it easier to reconnect with anyone but at the end of the day it still feels as if there is a disconnect. People in client facing roles know what I am taking about

Making Customers Happy- A Customer Success Strategy

Aren't customers happy using your products/services? How unhappy could they be if they are using yours than the competitors? This question didn't pop up until companies started losing clients and were trying to figure out why after the fact

Customer Relationship Management In The Digital Age

There is no right way to do it. It is all about what works and what doesn't. When we talk about Customer Relationship Management(CRM) it does not only entail solving the issue right away. This would anyway have to be 'one' of the outcomes. Notice how I stressed on the word one

How To Arrive At Crafting A Content Strategy

My experience is rather limited when it comes to crafting a content strategy but I make up for it by talking to people from other departments in the organisation to see what kind of information flows through each of them. This gave me certain ideas as to how a company can integrate all the information flowing through it to arrive at crafting a content strategy.